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We are Alina and Ilkay, the passionate creators behind OILINA olive oil and we are a highly effective team. 

We would like to introduce ourselves to you. 

extra virgin olive oil for hair



"I want to use state-of-the-art machinery to produce excellent olive oil in my home region of Hatay." 

My family has been planting its own olive trees for decades. The soil on the Syrian border is particularly suitable for growing olives, and the olives grown there have an excellent reputation throughout the country. 

Unfortunately, very few olive oils on the market are extra virgin, as independent tests prove time and again. They may be cheap, but they have glaring weaknesses. 

As a gourmet, I immediately recognize the difference and after a few disappointments, I decided to develop my own high-quality olive oil. With my cognitive abilities, I am predestined to recognize the right olive oils for our brand.

I am supported in this by experienced experts on site. Personal contact with them is central to the quality of our OILINA olive oil - and ensures trust and reliability for our customers.


  • Seven years of management experience in retail trade at REWE Group, Lidl and Migros

  • BSc degree in commerce and trade (equivalent to the Swiss sales manager certification) 

  • Apprenticeship certification as a retail salesman 

  • Olive oil sensory license

  • Membership in the Swiss Olive Oil Panel

extra virgin olive oil for hair



"Good olive oil makes cooking easy,

fast and, above all,


extra virgin olive oil Germann

I discovered Mediterranean cuisine a few years ago and realized that it was not only healthy, but that my skin has since become smoother and my hair has gained more volume and shine.


Since then, I have been enjoying food more consciously and avoid industrially processed products.  

I am happy to play a decisive role in the selection of our olive oils, as I subject all products to the toughest practical test in the world - in my own kitchen and with good friends at the table. 


  • BSc degree in Interior Design

  • MSc degree in Design Management

  • Many years of professional experience in the field of design and creation

  • Development of new recipes for OILINA 

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